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Malin Road Moville
Malin Road, Moville at the intersection of Main Street


Slater's Commercial Directory of Donegal - 1846

Slater's Directory was the leading directory in Ireland that recorded the landed gentry, clergy and local trades people. In the 1846 edition for County Donegal, as the famine swept through Ireland, there were fifty four people mentioned from Moville. The article reads ........

A small market town, in the parish of Lower Moville, barony of Inishowen, county of Donegal, is 19 miles NNE from Londonderry, and about 5 1/2 SW of Inishowen Head; situated at the south-eastern extremity of its parish, on the western shore of Lough Foyle, on the road coastways between the two places before-mentioned. A clever work on the towns of Ireland thus notices Moville ...

"It is sheltered from the westerly gales by the Squire's Car and Craignamaddy mountains; it possesses good bathing ground within the strongly marine waters of Lough Foyle; it looks out on a wide sweep of beautiful scenery athwart the bosum and around the shores of the lough; and, in general it has already acquired a high character, and is likely to acquire a still higher one as a very eligible sea-bathing resort for the citizens of Londonderry and the inhabitants of the circumjacent country."

The town is clean, possesses every accommodation for visitors in lodging-houses, baths and hotels. Among the latter Mr. M'Connell's Commercial Hotel is an excellent house, and commands beautiful views of the coast, and over the counties of Londonderry, Antrim and Donegal, with the lively addition of steamers passing to and fro daily on the lough. Three miles hence is the fort of Green Castle, furnished with the, at present, unnecessary means of defending the entrance to the lough.

The places of worship are the parish church (situated two miles hence), a Roman Catholic chapel, and a Presbyterian meeting-house. A dispensary, two schools under the national board and one of the Ladies Hibernian Society, are the charitable institutions. In the school-house of the last named, divine service is performed every Sunday evening. The market is held on Thursday, and fairs on the 28th of the months of January, April, July and October. Population of the parish, in 1841, 6,061, including 595 inhabitants of the town.

POST OFFICE - Letters from all parts arrive (from Londonderry) every afternoon at half-past four, and are despatched every morning at half-past seven.

CAR - To DERRY a mail car from the Post Office every morning at half-past seven: goes through Quigley's Point and Muff.

Name Occupation Residence
Anderson John Post Master  
Baird William Plumber, Glazier & Leather Seller  
Barr Letitia Mistress, Ladies' Hibernian School  
Begley James Baker  
Bradley William Grocer  
Burleigh Frances Surgeon & Apothecary  
Campbell, Lieut. James Gentry & Clergy Summer Hill
Carlin John Grocer  
Chichester, Sir Arthur Gentry & Clergy Green Castle
Clements, Rev Andrew Presbyterian Minister  
Corbitt, Mr Hugh Gentry & Clergy Ravenscliff
Coyle William Painter  
Doherty, Rev George Roman Catholic Parish Priest  
Doherty James Spirit & Porter Dealers  
Doherty John Master, National School (boys)  
Doherty Neal Londonderry Hotel  
Doherty Sarah Mistress, National School (girls)  
Galway, Rev Charles Rector, Church of Ireland Gortgowan
Gough, Very Revd Thomas Gentry & Clergy Glenburney
Grierson, Mrs. Harriet Gentry & Clergy  
Harvey, Lieut Edward (R.N.) Gentry & Clergy  
Haslett, Mr William Gentry & Clergy  
Hegerty Patrick Haberdashers  
Irvine John (M.D. RN) Surgeon & Apothecary  
Kelly James Spirit & Porter Dealers  
Kelly John Grocer  
Larkey Edward Woollen Draper  
Loughry Daniel Spirit & Porter Dealers  
Marks, Rev Stewart Gentry & Clergy  
McCausland Marks Tide Surveyor Green Castle
McClinshey, Rev Michael Roman Catholic Curate  
McConnell James Commercial Hotel  
McDivit John Clerk of Petty Sessions  
McDivit John Grocer  
McDonagh Patrick Woollen Draper & Haberdasher  
McEheney William Carpenter  
McHenry, Rev Neal Roman Catholic Curate  
McIntyre, Miss Gentry & Clergy New Park
McKenny Thomas Linen & Woollen Draper & Haberdasher  
McLaren Jno. Baker & Haberdasher  
McLaughlin James Grocer  
McLaughlin John Spirit & Porter Dealers  
McLaughlin John Woollen Draper  
McLaughlin Mary Milliner  
McLaughlin Thomas Spirit & Porter Dealers  
Moarn John Head Constable Constabulary Station  
Montgomery, Rev Samuel Gentry & Clergy  
Nolan Mr Land Surveyor Green Castle
O'Donnell John Butcher  
O'Kane, Mr Michael Gentry & Clergy Green Castle
Ramsay, Capt. Gentry & Clergy The Ark
Staples, Rev John Molesworth Gentry & Clergy The Glebe
Tracy Lawrence Grain Merchant  
Wickham James C Sub-inspector Constabulary Station  

Many of these people are mentioned in A History of Moville and its Neighbourhood. Click on the link to read it.

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